Thursday, September 1, 2011

Should Advertising be banned from Children Television Programs?

Banning advertisement from television can be a highly heated debated question. “The average child is exposed to more than 40,000 TV commercials a year.” (Dittmen, 2004). Some who are against an advertisement ban say that it the parent’s responsibility to monitor their children when they are in front of a television, but do that that twenty-four hours a day is an impossible task in my mind. Also those against a ban find that the companies whom own stations run advertisement so they can continue to show their programs. In regards to advertisement on children programming the FCC has a law against what they may show during children programming. In today’s time advertisement can be seen on a daily basis constantly. People who are for a ban feel that a child can become badly psychological influence from whets on television. I strongly agree that a ban should occur during the hours of children programming. Commercials can send a false sense of information.
A Good reason to place a ban on advertisement is that in most commercial you see promoting name brand cereals they can send the wrong message to a child. In almost all commercials the child actors seem happy and joyous. Is it really because of the cereal or toy?  So in return what a child does is nag their parents until they get the product that they desire because it will make them happier. Some companies use mascots to get their products out on the market I find this as a ploy. Characters like Dora the Explorer, Ronald McDonald are tools used to gain a child sense of trust. There comes a point when you can remember characters on television and not understand basic grammar there is a broken line of communication. Children minds are too young and they are still learning. Do advertisers really think kids have the concept of a company trying to sell everything and anything? I don’t believe they do because to them it’s all about marketing to the right group and receiving gross income. Kids constantly come into contact with mild nudity that might also be seen on movie trailers that shows there favorite super hero or celebrity.
Commercials also can provide children with a false sense of information. It can have them wanting anything that’s shown to them. In today’s time commercials have persuasive points attached to them which children don’t understand. Shows that are shown on CBS are great for kids to learn and increase their attention span and learning ability. There should be a limit though to what is shown on children programming. “Research has shown that young children younger than 8 years are cognitively and psychologically defenseless against advertising.”(American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Communications, 2006).The way advertisers consistently show there product every fifteen minutes is ridiculous. The same time a child is watching T.V their minds are remembering the product flashed in their eyes.
During late at night most companies have advertisement playing sometimes after eight o’clock or as early as seven in the morning. “In Greece they ban toy advertising until after 10 PM, and Denmark and Belgium severely restrict advertising aimed at children.”(American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Communications, 2006). Maybe we should implement there system and see if it can add more awareness to advertisers.
I honestly think they should try showing commercials on how to keep reading and why or math is important something beside violence seen from movies trailers or misleading commercials "Each year children read less and less and watch television more and more.”(Kaufman, 1996). More time should be spent with the parents where they can sit down and eat dinner without the worry of having to watch Television or playing on the computer. Parent should set limitation on the amount of Television that their kids watch and monitor their internet activity. “Ads are reaching children through new media technologies and even in schools with corporate sponsored educational materials and product placements in students' textbooks.” (Dittmen, 2004).Time with children can be spent talking or taking kids out and teaching them about moral, respect and responsibilities. The corporate big league will continue their ways unless we as parents raise a voice.
Most reasons advertisers feel a ban is not necessary or needed is because it places more limits on their advertisement. Some commercials can benefit the audience if it’s directed in the right way. Also it’s not illegal for them show ads and it’s not mind manipulation. They have a right to produce a product and sell it.  For advertisers money coming in is sometimes donated to charity so they can catch a tax break. “Increasingly, advertisers are seeking to find new and creative ways of targeting young consumers via the Internet, in schools, and even in bathroom stalls.” (American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Communications, 2006).The amount of money made by corporations is outrageously enormous. The only way to really get a product out into the market is to advertise it. The way in which they handle their marketing can be beneficial when properly produced for the right age group. Good organization like D.A.R.E, Boys and Girls Scout and the YMCA help children.
“The advertising industry spends $12 billion per year on ads targeted to children, bombarding young audiences with persuasive messages through media such as television and the Internet” (Dittmen, 2004). If they own the station they need advertisement to collect and pay the television shows. Most money really goes to a greater cause for children like new schools or better teaching materials for their education. Companies and advertisers have reached out to broaden their marketing field like having their product over the internet or in magazines to increase their marketing audience.
               I feel that it’s only appropriate to arrange a ban on what children watch either 
at home or in the general public. Commercials intentionally use manipulating tactics to sway a 
customer to buy a product. They really are not trying hard to disguise the facts that they are using bad tactics. 
Although “The Children's Television Act of 1990” was passed, it’s a great start 
but more laws need to be enforced to make sure that educational programmings are
 being played by advertisers. Iron hands need to start coming down on those that feel it’s necessary
 to mind induce children. Because of today’s technology like internet and digital television that children 
constantly come into contact with along-with many other trademark tools to grab a child’s attention. 
       All issues on both sides need to be addressed to the public so we can better educate are children. 
With the growing age of our society commercials and advertisement can be viewed in all locations. 
The time for congress to review “The Children’s Television Act” is long overdue. 
If we are to elevate the next generation of children on another level then we must insure they-
continually receive the correct information and are not left mislead by corporate advertisement and
 its dreadful psychological effects.

Road rage is a serious problem on today’s roads.

            Why do most people who get behind the wheel of a vehicle suddenly feel the effects of road rage? But who hasn’t experienced the effects of road rage Everyone knows the symptoms when your behind an incredibly slow driver, first you place a vice grip hold on the steering wheel as the lights change from green to red while placing all of your attention on the cars on the left and right of  your car. It’s as if an uncontrollable force snaps you into the mind of Dell Enhart and the checked flag is raised. Can it be due to stress from working all day, then having to deal with your children who seem as if the school gave them an over dose of chocolate chip cookies and Pepsi. Now you have to not only pay attention to the traffic on road but what seems like never ending chatter of your kids. From what I have experience as a driver it my belief that most divers seen in the city of Cape Coral should be barred from the Department of Motor vehicles.

Curbing a Nations Rampant Substance Abuse Problem


            The year is 2011 and you reside in Lee County, FL also known as the “Pill Mill capitol” of the country. I-75 is the highway back and forth to pill city. You are a middle class citizen who lives pay check to pay check and coffee pot to coffee pot. The new channels are cluttered with clips saying “20 arrested in prescription drug bust tonight at 8pm”.One day as you grab your morning cup of Joe and paper from your local stop and shop. You read in that paper “Two parents arrested in convenience store parking lot for having illegal drugs without a prescription”.
As the title grabs your attention you continue to read the article and find out that the two parents also had their two children with them. Both under the age of five and all members of the family are living out of the vehicle. If your addiction is so overwhelming that you’re willing to lose your children then please insert your pride in your back pocket and seek immediate help.
It’s almost impossible to not think “What can be done about the growing problem of abuse of prescription drugs?” “Prescription drugs are the second most commonly abused category of drugs, behind marijuana and ahead of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs.”( Barbara K. Hecht, PhD , Melissa Conrad Stoppler, MD, 2009).
Should there be a national database or shall we leave each state to figure out a way to regulate prescription drugs and track them?  Well….. Consider this. Einstein once said “There are only two things that are infinite. The universe and human stupidity and I’m not sure about the first one.”  I think who wouldn’t spot the elephant in the room when thinking about the answer to that question? We can rank this epidemic as another shameful episode in U.S history tied with “The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment” and “The Patriot Act”. The only answer I can fathom for this question is, yes! There should be a national database. How else are we supposed to stop “Pill Tourism” if a tracking system it not implemented nationally?
Curbing a Nations Rampant Substance Abuse Problem
As a physician what is the rational for given out a deadly disease that gives nothing more than social and community disarray as the cure. I can’t help but wonder is the government in bed with doctors? Or is the government on a secret genocide mission to wipe out those weak at mind and secretly decrease the population? Although the problem of prescription drugs may seem impossible to eliminate at its current stage, there are concrete steps that can be taken to weaken the hold of drugs on are nation.
First, I propose that the U.S implement a real “Narcotic Tracking System” using a person Medicaid .This program would track a person prescription dispense by amount, type, date, time and by doctor. The system would also have the pain management center registry with the state that it’s in and track the amount of pills dispensed to a patient. The tracking system would greatly reduce the amount of pills that are issued on any level.
This system would also stop people from getting multiple Medicaid cards. Imagine if a person would go to a doctor office in a rural city and filled a prescription for addictive pain medications. Then that person drove to a different county and tried to commit Medicaid prescription fraud .This system would catch the shameful act at the front desk of that second doctor office. The physician at the time would notice this because the person is being tracked on a more global arrangement. Thus reducing the chance that a duplicate prescription or card is written.
Second, increase federal enforcement manpower .With local, state, and federal officials to help solve the prescription abuse problem and court who can hand down harsh sentences to help stop dealers and bad doctor who violate the law.“In September, one Cape Coral man was accused of doctor shopping and charged with 18 counts of fraud conceal information to obtain prescription controlled substance. He reportedly visited multiple doctors within a month and got at least $41,000 in drugs by not mentioning his other doctor visits.”(Tiffany, Repecki, 2011)
            A greater police presence on the streets would mean that the areas where drug activity is known to thrive could be reduced and/or eliminated in that area of the communities. “In a county wide sweep, Hillsborough County sheriffs prepared 88 warrants, with 45 arrests, thus far.  Authorities contend that while some of those arrested had legally obtained prescriptions for various medications, all suspects that were arrested were illegally selling their medications, with Oxycodone being the most prevalent drug netted.” (Save Our Society from Drugs, 2011)
Ensuring that drug dealers, doctors and users are taken to court where they are charged for their offences and sentenced according to the law will assist in solving the problem. Somewhat like the 10, 20, life law currently in Florida. When the system is seen as enforced by courts, there is less likelihood of a person taking the risk. For they know, that there is a great possibility of being caught and being placed next to a person called “Big Al”.
Next, educate the public because knowledge is power.  “In 2009, 16 million Americans 12 years of age and older had taken a prescription pain reliever, tranquilizer, stimulant, or sedative for nonmedical purposes at least once in the year prior to being surveyed, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health”  (Barbara K. Hecht, PhD , Melissa Conrad Stoppler, MD  ,2009).
There is an increase of miss-awareness with this issue. With the truth only a click away it’s incredible to think that some are still not fully engaged in this issue. “Drug addiction, also called substance dependence or chemical dependency, is a disease that is characterized by a destructive pattern of drug abuse that leads to significant problems involving tolerance to or withdrawal from the substance, as well as other problems that use of the substance can cause for the sufferer, either socially or in terms of their work or school performance. More than 2.6% of people suffer from drug addiction at some time in their life.” (Melissa Conrad Stoppler, MD, Roxanne Dryden-Edwards, MD, 2011)
The reasons that some people often taking drugs is because that drugs make them feel good, because ‘drug act directly on the limbic, or “pleasure center” in the brain’ (people on drugs 2008).  During teenagers years the plan of action is to become popular among friends, dare to accept or deny any challenge such as smoking cigarette,  taking drugs with  friends, listening to music and clothes. “Peer pressure is large enough to influence society as a whole think about the effect on teenagers” (Keeping your home safe with Teens, 2010).
 All parents should be concerned with this one. Do you know what to look for? With many wide ranges of symptom, having a better understanding is the key to understanding this epidemic so that treatment and a sprinkle of intervention can begin for that individual. Here are some sign and symptoms to be aware of; someone who may be distant, always itching, not being completely honest, have a difference in attitude or falling asleep at different times during the day.
These are all common signs that a loved one may be addicted to pain pills. If you were to notice these signs and symptoms then I hope that the alarm in your head is blaring ……“Get help now!” Why? Because a person can take pain medications without abusing them but, oftentimes a person falls into the trap and eventually does slowly but surely start to abuse the medication.
“Although a pill may be needed for pain, there is a very strong abuse rate for two main reasons. First, they are hard to get off.   But most importantly, pain pills are addicting!” (Robyn Schelenz, 2009). All medications regardless of what they are or what they do should be taken with caution.
“Non-prescription medications include Tylenol, Excedrin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Advil, and many others. These can be used to get rid of the common headache, arthritis, or muscle and joint pain. In some cases it may take weeks before a specific medication starts to work, therefore making a person turn to another option” (Web MD., 2008). A person’s addiction not only affecting them but, it is also a good way to guarantee that their family separate and their social status read “Crushed” 
In this day and age of, rising unemployment, increased budget deficit, an economy on life support, and rapid information. Knowing about this societal menace is vital in solving the problems it creates. Human behavior is scary, dangerous and destructive.  A national database should be strategically implemented immediately! Not only is it a good idea. It’s the only option we have if were honestly trying to remove this stain in history. Let start to fix the issue “NOW!” Instead of starring the opposite direction because, it doesn’t affect our own lives. The legacy that we will leave our children has not been completely defined yet. We as a nation… a society, have a lot of work to do. The hardest part about fixing the issue is starting to fix the issue.

Biosocial Theory and Crime

Since the beginning of human kind there has been a primary instinct to protect our mate and offspring.” Findings suggest that a biological background positive for mental disorders appears to be associated with an increased risk of violent offending in the children”(Tehrani, A. Jasmine, Mednick A. Sarnoff. N.D).
Biosocial theory can be described  in three broad groups like the Biochemical factor which can sometimes be determined even before birth like an alcoholic mother, Neurological problems with children who suffer from ADHD, Genetic abnormalities which involve having one or more parents who engaged in criminal activates or  social surroundings, childhood backgrounds play a key role. Is there a link between these factors and they way some behave in society? We can say that a person growing up in an abusive home being may themselves be victims of crimes or perpetrators but can lack of vitamins or can a poor diet lead people with behavior disorder to act out against their better judgment? 
 We make decision based on are perception of right and wrong don’t we? Many species find grazing location season after season life after life. They seem to be programmed with automatic GPS memory. Young brains can be heavily influenced by music and seen on TV. Damage to children occurs from parents who consumed alcohol while pregnant has shown to lead to defects in fetus. Children who grow up with ADHD exhibit early signs of lack for authority. About 3 percent suffer from this.  Alcohol is already kwon to damage brain cells short circuit the growth of those cells which influence antisocial behavior.
In the case of Daryl Atkins VS U.S Supreme Court they ruled the execution of the mentally retarded unconstitutional (Larry J. Siegel, 2009). Should the mentally ill have to register for being unstable and given psychological treatment? Is there a definite answer to figure out if someone is really functioning with little brain function? Is there a way to spot a brain functioning improperly when a child is still in the growing stages of brain development?
 What is the missing link between biochemical in the brain and crime? It’s highly documented that males have more testosterone than there females counterpart. In adolescence males can lead to increased aggression. Family life growing up in an abusive surrounding can sink very deeply in a teens mind some-how crippling their ability to function properly. What is the most effective way to deal with a biosocial dysfunction that may be the case of criminal coming out the pasture?
With environmental condition it’s possible that where we live and how we grow up can turn a person in society to act in a severe behavior. Children forced to grow up in crime ridden neighborhoods suffer a ripple effect generation after next. To carry the burden of being statistically drawn to crime oh the horror! Imagine social motivated crime due to society or lust for drama and reality. Could it be having been an environment of living in a poor area of the state? In a study conducted by J. Philippe Rushton” twins who grow up with adoptive parents carry out behavior of their genetic parents”(J. Philippe Rushton, N.D).
Social environments can play a role into how adolescents mature into today’s cultures and whether they will become a future generation of criminals. The social structure can either enable or disassemble an individual motive. All individuals are taught that crime is bad or told that it’s socially wrong. If you are exposed to crime, are you more likely to commit a crime?  Television, a motivating factor with repeat ion of advertisement and movies the criminals seem to possess a power greater than that of the highest Supreme Court judge.
The peer groups that an individual follows in their child to teen years can make them live a life of crime. If good and bad behavior is not taught at home before one make a turn to social independence it can have a negative effect on their lives later down the road.  The people you associate yourself with plays a key role on whether you fall into a pattern of criminal activity.
The columbine high school massacre is an example of a mixture of factors that built into uncontrollable actions. Without a sound way of capturing a deficiency before an incident can occur. Many schools are now unknowingly becoming the trademark location for teen aggression. How can one attention impact a nation in a signal blow? Was he mentally insane or just living in a world unfamiliar to actuality? One of the most dangerous places is the public school building. Improper diet from pre-k all the way to 12th could be leading our children on a vitamin and mineral free meal. Issue needs to be addressed about school.
“The positive stage of human social development, states people embrace rational scientific explanation for observed phenomena” (Garry Jacobs, Harlan Cleveland, 1999). We may actually be preprogrammed to behave outlandish which is progressed even further by social environmental elements. One must ask how it is possible if behavior is learned. If there is a biological predisposition to crime it’s still to be determined and understood.

Who are you now?

First u took all day to make a scene
Who are you now?
Then you undressed behind the clouds
So… now you appear uncluttered in open space surrounded by super stars
Who are you now?
Now you’re pearling at the world to see your form
Your pregnant glow bestowed on the world
As the world flips up side down
Who are you now?